Laminex Culverts


Laminex, the Culvert for Every Environment

Wheeler Laminex Culverts are used in the harshest soil and water conditions.  Available as single or multiple barrels, the laminex culvert blends into the surrounding environment with its natural, rustic color and texture.  Flexibility in design allows almost any rectangular configuration, perfect for extending existing culverts.

The square or rectangular opening provides greater area than circular culverts of the same height, and greater flow at low water levels.  The laminex culvert design provides maximum head room with minimal cover.

Highway and light construction crews can erect laminex culverts without the use of costly heavy equipment.  Backfilling and compacting is easier due to the rectangular shape of the box.  For temporary installations, it is completely salvageable for movement to a new site.           View Examples

  • Pressure treated Douglas Fir stands up to the harshest conditions.
  • Panelized sections are easy-to-handle units, for simple and fast erection in the field.
  • Interlocking corners provide a continuous straight line box with no weakening joints.
  • Sloping, angled wing walls for scour protection and improved hydraulics.
  • Parapets along the top of the culvert hold back the highway shoulder.
  • Underground curtain walls prevent undercutting and backwashing.
  • Conforms to all federal, state, and local specifications.

Black Hills Culvert Installed

Local developer is excited to feature the beauty of timber as subdivision prepares for expansion.  View the full article with permission of the Black Hills Pioneer. First Timber Box Culvert Installed in Spearfish

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