Treated Wood Products

Wheeler maintains a state-of-the-art treating plant combining the latest in computer technology and high speed pumps to produce a superior product at a competitive price.  Copper Naphthenate continues to be our primary preservative.  Additional preservatives can be sourced through industry partners (please inquire)

  • Member of WWPI, AWPA and RTA.
  • All products treated to AWPA specifications.
  • All charges assayed to certify compliance.- Certified TPI treatment plant.
  • WQC, BMP, ALSC inspection available.

Quality control is number one at Wheeler. All of our products are analyzed per strict guidelines set forth by the American Wood Protection Association.

Every charge is bored, cores taken, and analyzed electronically to be sure it’s treated properly. Every charge is documented, input into the Treating Report, and saved for future reference.

All program material is certified through the American Lumber Standard Committee and overseen by Timber Product Inspection. TPI inspects our Quality Control every 30 days to ensure our product and Quality Control Procedures meet their stringent requirements. Only after passing all these requirements can a product be certified and tagged with the third party logo of TPI.


Utility Poles


Bridge/Railroad Lumber


Agricultural Products



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