Bridge/Railroad Lumber


Wheeler stocks a wide variety of sizes of West Coast Douglas Fir for use in bridge repair and maintenance.

We only buy our timbers from the best mills on the West Coast, and take pride in the quality of the wood we supply to you.

All our timbers are treated to AWPA standards for Highway use, and are certified.

Below are the common items we inventory.

WCDF: 3″ x 12″ 8′ through 34′ #2 and better
4″ x 6″ through 4″ x 14″ Through 32′ #1 and better, #2 and better
6″ x 8″ through 6″ x 12″ Through 40′ #1 and better
8″ x 8″, 8″ x 10″ Through 20′ #1 and better, select structural
8″ x 16″ Through 30′ #1 and better, select structural
12″ x 12″ Through 40′ #1 and better, select structural
14″ x 14″ Through 40′ #1 and better, select structural
Piling: 20′ through 50′ Southern Yellow Pine
SYP: 2″ and 3″ Call for availability
Laminated Beams: Call for availability
Hardware: Dome Head Guard Rail Bolts
Dome Head Drive Spikes
Machine Bolts
Nails – double pointed, commons, pole barn, spiral
Pile Points
All types of washers – plate, OG, cut
Drift Pins to 30″


Fabrication is our specialty. We can surface, cut, drill, dap and taper to your specifications.

Proud members of RTA, please call us on your next project.

Copper Naphthenate is AWPA and AREMA approved for treating crossties, switch ties, timbers, lumber and piling.

  • Listed in APWA Standards:  UC4A, UC4B & UC4C
  • Approved in AREMA Chapter 30, Section 3.7.4
  • Study of crossties in service 15 years on a heavily-trafficked Class 1 line demonstrated comparable performance to creosote
  • Webb and Brient study of hardwood crossties showed no significant difference in efficacy between copper naphthenate and creosote
  • Oak and Mixed Hardwood crossties unanimously adopted by AWPA Subcommittee T-3 (Piles and Ties) in 2004