Utility Poles


Wheeler maintains a stock of Copper Naphthenate treated Douglas Fir utility poles.

Our plant is WCQ certified and with our state of the art facility, our quality control is second to none. Look for brand and metal tag.

We deliver with our own self-unloading truck to assure on time deliveries and no handling damage.

Please call 800-843-8304 for current availability.


  • Electric Power Research Institute study compared Copper Naphthenate with pentachlorophenol.  Results rated Copper Naphthenate slightly better on average.
  • Good Gaff penetration
  • Electrical conductivity (or electrical insulating ability) is similar to other oil-borne preservatives with minimal afterglow.
  • Recycling and disposal options available
  • Listed in AWPA Standards:  UC4A, UC4B & UC4C


Seattle City LightQNAP

Greenest Utility in the US Specifies Copper Naphthenate Poles

Nisus Corporation, Wheeler’s copper naphthenate supplier, recently interviewed Larry Garcia, Senior Environmental Analyst at Seattle City Light, on the utility’s use of copper naphthenate treated utility poles. Read about it here.