Covered Vehicle Bridges


A Modern “Antique” Bridge Brings the Nostalgia Back to Your Project

Wheeler’s covered vehicle bridges are designed using modern technology with the charm of earlier times.

Communities and developers are discovering the value of adding a dramatic focal point in their projects.  By turning an average crossing into a covered bridge they expand from utility to an architectural statement.  For developers, the investment in a covered bridge sets their project apart.  This can mean higher returns on their property.  For communities, a covered bridge adds a signature on their quality of life.

Covered bridges can take many forms.   Wheeler balances modern bridge design with historic elements to create a modern antique.  The bridges are designed to accommodate all typical highway loads, including large trucks.  Detailed plans are provided for review.  Most components are shop manufactured for easy site assembly.

From concept to completion, Wheeler designs, details and delivers covered bridges.             View Examples

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