Deck Types for Prefabricated Steel Bridges


All bridges styles are available with treated timber, tropical hardwood, asphalt or concrete decks.

The treated timber deck is the most economical and easiest to maintain.  An additional timber wear course can be applied for added abrasion resistance.  This is common for multi-use applications including equestrian and snowmobiling.

The tropical hardwood is a premium wood option providing greater dimensional stability and a smoother finish.

Wood decks are typically installed in the shop, but can be shipped loose for field installation after the bridge is set.  This reduces the lifting weight of the structure which may be preferred for installation.

Asphalt and concrete decks are installed after the bridge is set in position.  An asphalt wear surface can be added to structural timber panels or steel bridge plank.  Concrete decks are poured-in-place with shop installed stay-in-place steel deck pans and side forms.
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Treated Wood

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Tropical Hardwood

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Timber Wear Course

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