Steel Recreation Bridges


Prefabricated Steel Bridges are ideal for recreation and low volume vehicular applications.  The efficiency of the truss design maximizes material properties.  The bridges are shop manufactured with primarily welded connections then shipped to the site ready for installation.

Typical designs allow for clear spans from 20 to 225 feet in single or multiple span configurations.  Clear spans up to 100 feet can be fabricated and shipped as one piece if contractor capabilities and site considerations allow.  Longer spans are built with field splices and shipped as multiple sections.  These bridges are best suited for clear widths from six to twelve feet.  Widths less than six feet should only be considered for short spans and bridges wider than twelve feet (clear between railings) may require a longitudinal field splice, increasing the installed cost.

All Wheeler bridges are custom designed specific to the project.  Our registered Professional Engineers seal detailed plans created by our staff of drafters for applications nationwide.  Foundation design is available if site and soil information are provided.

Wheeler maintains AISC certification for Certified Bridge Fabrication – Intermediate (Major) with Fracture Critical Endorsement.  Bridges are fabricated at AISC certified facilities by AWS certified welders to ensure quality.