Futerra Erosion Control / Re-Vegetation Mat


Conwed’s popular Hydro Mulch® wood fibers formed into a net reinforced moldable blanket. Futerra’s unique drape properties bond to irregular soil surfaces, unlike stiff straw or excelsior alternatives. Water percolates through the surface until saturated with excessive amounts forced over the blanket surface instead of under which secures the soil and seed below. Available in color matched green dye or undyed natural wood. The lightweight rolls, which weigh 50 lbs. per 100 sq. yds., speed installation and reduce labor cost. Grass grows through the biodegradable wood fibers and sunlight degradable netting which may be commercially mowed after four weeks.

Sq. Yds. Pcs./Ctn.
RF-402N 40″ x 135′ Natural 50
RF-804 82″ x 135′ Natural 102.5
RF-SR-1 8′ x 112.5′ Straw Blanket 100
RF-SR-2 8′ x 112.5′ Straw Blanket 100
HX-GS4 4″ Ground Staples 1000
HX-GS4X 4″ Ground Staples 120
HX-GS6 5″ Ground Staples 1000
RF-912 Seed Aid, 50#
RF-970 Staple Jack Gun/Carrying Bag

Wood Fiber & Straw Blankets